Upcoming Events

Post date: Dec 7, 2015 12:39:23 AM


Woodruff Summer Camp Deposits Due-2/1/16-$120 deposit due this Monday

Roadside Clean Up-2/6/16 - 8:00 a.m. Meet in Florida College Business Parking lot. Corner of Bullard Parkway and Glen Arven. Wear class B.

Relay for Life Work Day-2/6/16 - Directly following roadside clean up. More info to come.

Life to Eagle Workshop Make-up Session - 2/12/16 -Follow link to register. https://gulfridgecouncil.org/blog/2015/life-to-eagle-workshop-jan-23-2016-2/

Peace River Canoe Trip and Camp out- 2/19-2/21/15 - More info to follow. Class B. 24 mile canoe trip along the banks of the Peace River. We need about 15 more kayaks or 7 more canoes and a trailer to tow them.

Buddy Baseball- 2/27/16 - More info to follow. Dress in full class A.

Swim Test- Date Pending- If you have not yet had your swim test for this year and you going on the Peace River Canoe Trip you need to go to this.

MARCH 2016

NASA-3/4-3/6/16 - (Tentative) Travel in class A.

Eagle Court of Honor-3/12/16-Eagle Court of Honor for Hunter Henderson.

Air Show at McDill- 3/19/16 - More info to follow. Travel in class A.

Court of Honor - 3/22/16 - All board of reviews must be scheduled and completed by 3/15/16. Full class A.

APRIL 2016

Relay for Life- 4/1-4/2/16-Please signup as soon as possible.

Lupton's Boggy Bottom Camp Out/ Wilderness Survival-Date Pending

MAY 2016

Disney Camp Wilderness Family Campout– 5/6 – 5/8/16 – Family campout – will be looking for commitment and payment soon. Travel in class A.

Council Merit Badge Academy - 5/7/16 - At St. Leo. Check council website for more info. Class A. ://gulfridgecouncil.org/advancement/boy-scout-advancement/merit-badge-university/


Summer Adventures - Dates pending - Paddle Board, Kayak, Rainbow River and Scuba Diving. Stay tuned for more info.

Summer Camp - 7/17/16 - Camp Woodruff in Georgia.

City of Temple Terrace 4th of July Parade - Stay tuned for more info.


National Jamboree 2017- 7/19 - 7/28/17 - Bechtel Scout Reserve in West Virginia. Registration open. https://gulfridgecouncil.org/blog/2015/adult-leaders-apply-for-jamboree-contingent/