• Please remember to turn in your permission slip and $$ for the Myaka State Park camping trip.
  • We will continue working on the Electronics Merit Badge this week with Mr. Burke as our Merit Badge Counselor. Please print the worksheet found on Troopmaster in Unit/documents/electronics.pdf and bring with you. If you have a work book (can be bought at the Scout Store), please bring that as well. The work book is not necessary, however some scouts find the books useful. It will take the next two meeting to complete the merit badge so please plan to attend all the meetings.
  • Just a friendly reminder that Class A (Field Uniforms) should be worn to all scout meetings. The uniform consists of the shirt, khaki shorts/pants, belt and shoes. Full Class A is to be worn for Scoutmaster conferences and Board of Review (this includes kerchief and sash, if merit badges have been earned).
  • Please join me in welcoming the following new leadership for Troop 120:
    • Treasurer: Yumi Heverly
    • Temple Terrace Arts Festival: Jamie Malloy/Rachele Pawslowski
    • Buddy Baseball Coordinator: Sandra DeWitt
    • Chartered Organization Representative: Douglas Sleeper/Rachele Pawslowski
    • Advancement Chair: Hardy Hall/Corey Bauer
    • Scoutmaster: Nick Hall (as of 7/1/2019)
    • Equipment & Supplies: Jamie and Travis Malloy
    • Farm Night: Travis Malloy
    • Merit Badge Counselors: Sandra DeWitt/Corey Bauer/Rachele Pawslowski/Nick Hall/Travis Malloy
    • Scholarship Committee: Rachele Pawslowski/ Donna Lee Burke/Doug Sleeper/Eric Morris
    • Outdoor Activities Coordinators: Kevin Webb/Rachele Pawslowski
    • Roadside Clean up Coordinator: Kevin Webb
    • Information Technologies: Jamie Malloy
  • We are in desperate need of leadership for the Troop. Without appropriate leadership, we are unable to have monthly activities for the Scouts.

We need volunteers for the following positions:

        • Assistant Scoutmasters
        • Chaplain
        • Secretary
        • Adult Education Coordinator
        • Committee Members
        • Merit Badge Counselors

Please let Mrs. Kim Sleeper know if you are able to fill one of these positions.

  • Make Up Swim Test - Please contact Mrs. Burke to schedule.