• Now that we are returning to School, our first meeting will be on August 27th at St. Catherine's at 7:00 pm. We look forward to hearing about all of our Scouts Summer adventures!
  • Please check the calendar in Troopmaster for upcoming activities.
  • Please join me in welcoming the following new leadership for Troop 120:
    • Treasurer: Yumi Heverly
    • Temple Terrace Arts Festival: Jamie Malloy/Rachele Pawslowski
    • Buddy Baseball Coordinator: Sandra DeWitt
    • Chartered Organization Representative: Douglas Sleeper/Rachele Pawslowski
    • Advancement Chair: Hardy Hall/Corey Bauer
    • Scoutmaster: Nick Hall (as of 7/1/2019)
    • Equipment & Supplies: Jamie and Travis Malloy
    • Farm Night: Travis Malloy
    • Merit Badge Counselors: Sandra DeWitt/Corey Bauer/Rachele Pawslowski/Nick Hall/Travis Malloy
    • Scholarship Committee: Rachele Pawslowski/ Donna Lee Burke/Doug Sleeper/Eric Morris
    • Outdoor Activities Coordinators: Kevin Webb/Rachele Pawslowski
    • Roadside Clean up Coordinator: Kevin Webb
    • Information Technologies: Jamie Malloy
  • We are in desperate need of leadership for the Troop. Without appropriate leadership, we are unable to have monthly activities for the Scouts.

We need volunteers for the following positions:

        • Assistant Scoutmasters
        • Chaplain
        • Secretary
        • Adult Education Coordinator
        • Committee Members
        • Merit Badge Counselors

Please let Mrs. Kim Sleeper know if you are able to fill one of these positions.